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When it comes to repair work it is important that you have a car garage on hand that is trustworthy, reliable and consistent. At Eden Prestige Autocare in Kent our reputation is built upon excellence and customer satisfaction. We only have the most experienced and well trained technicians at the head of the repair work undertaken at our workshop in Edenbridge.

We are able to handle the whole range of vehicle repairs from bumps and dings to mechanical work.

Some of the common repair work we conduct includes:

MOT Repairs: If your vehicle fails an MOT we are able to provide repairs to get your vehicle through a retest.

Brakes: An essential component in your vehicle, responsible for the deceleration and stopping of your vehicle. If you are experiencing any issues with your brakes you must get them checked out as soon as possible.

Symptoms: Grinding noises, a spongy feeling pedal, grinding sounds or the handbrake raising higher than normal.

Cambelt: The timing belt is responsible for keeping many of the moving components in the engine moving in time with each other. It is vital that the cambelt is replaced within the manufacturers recommended intervals as a snapped cambelt can cause severe and expensive damage to the engine.

Symptoms: When it comes to Cambelts prevention is far better than the associated repairs, the best way to avoid a snapped cambelt is to regularly service your vehicle.

Exhaust: Responsible for the filtering and removal of harmful gasses created by the engine you exhaust is essential for your MOT and vital for controlling emissions. Comprised of a number of different components such as the catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter, flexi pipe and more. We can provide repairs across the entire systems as well as replacements for components where necessary.

Symptoms: Smoke coming from the exhaust, rattling noises along the exhaust system, excessive engine noise, burning or gaseous smells, a noticeable decrease in performance and acceleration.

Suspension: Responsible for a smooth ride and responsive handling, poor or damaged suspension can make for an uncomfortable driving experience. If left unchecked, suspension damage can continue to degrade leading to increased stopping distances, increased or uneven tyre wear and sluggish handling.

Symptoms: Worn tyres, tyre shaking, excessive vibration, a sunken chassis, body sway when driving in strong winds, nose dive when braking, fluid leaking from the strut.

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To enquire or make a booking for repairs you can contact the experts for high-quality repair solutions in Edenbridge on 01732 400848 or send us a message using our contact form.