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Exceptional servicing at affordable prices

At Eden Prestige we provide comprehensive servicing for all models and manufacturers of vehicle. Regular servicing is essential for preserving the long term health of your vehicle, it is a fantastic opportunity for one of our experienced technicians to take a thorough look around and inside your vehicle and get it back running at its best. 

Our experience is that regularly serviced vehicles require less repairs over their lifetime, perform and drive better and can even benefit from better fuel efficiency compared to an unserviced vehicle. You can be assured of the best possible car service when you bring your vehicle to Eden Prestige. 

Full Service

Our full service is our most comprehensive servicing option. It features dozens of checks across the vehicle as well as a complete engine oil change, replacement filters and new spark plugs where needed. It is recommended for those who regularly meet or exceed 10,000 annual miles that a full service is undertaken annually.

Interim Service

To complement this we also offer an interim service. Another thorough servicing option featuring a large number of checks across the vehicle it functions similarly to the full service. Included in this service is a complete engine oil change and a replacement oil filter. An interim service is recommended every 6 months between annual services.

Mechanic pouring engine oil into a vehicle - Car Servicing Edenbridge

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